• The Gang Doctor

    The Gang Doctor

    Premieres 6 Aug, every Thu & Fri, 8.55pm / 7.55pm (JKT).

    Starring Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won, find out what happens when a cold, mercenary and skillful surgeon meets a wealthy heiress forced deep into coma!
  • Mrs. Cop

    Mrs. Cop

    Premieres 4 Aug, every Tue & Wed, 8.55pm / 7.55pm (JKT).

    Starring Lee Ki Kwang (B2ST) and Lee Da Hee, anticipate an exciting pursuit of justice with a passionate criminal detective squad.
  • Law of the Jungle in Yap

    Law of the Jungle in Yap

    Every Sun, 10.15pm / 9.15pm (JKT).

    Catch celebrity idols Dasom (SISTAR), Jinwoon (2AM), Bae Soo Bin, Yoon Sang Hyun and more, as they challenge the survival adventures in Yap Islands!
  • The Family Is Coming

    The Family Is Coming

    Every Tue - Fri, 7.40pm / 6.40pm (JKT).

    A grandma abandoned her family 50 years ago, and suddenly returns to distribute a 10-billion-won inheritance. How will her family members react?

  • Run, Jang Mi

    Run, Jang Mi

    Every Mon - Fri, 10.10pm / 9.10pm (JKT).

    A sweet melodrama following a girl from riches to rags, and back to success after starting new again.

  • Oh! My Baby

    Oh! My Baby

    Every Sat, 8.30pm / 7.30pm (JKT).

    You won't want to miss this family-friendly reality show that follows the daily exploits of 4 pairs of celebrity parents and their children.

  • What is PPALI-PPALI?
  • Weekend Variety Homerun

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