• Pretty Ugly

    Pretty Ugly

    Every Sun, 3.15pm / 2.15pm (JKT).

    Gong Shim (Minah) is unemployed and plain – everything her sister is not. But one day, she meets Ahn Dan Tae (Nam Goong Min), and her life turns topsy-turvy!


    Every Thu & Fri, 8.10pm / 7.10pm (JKT).

    In a race against time, will Jung Hye In (Kim Ah Joong) be able to rescue her son from the clutches of a mysterious kidnapper?
  • Doctors


    Every Tue & Wed, 8.10pm / 7.10pm (JKT).

    Can Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) put her troubled past behind and become an accomplished neurosurgeon?
  • Swallow the Sun

    Swallow the Sun

    Every Mon - Fri, 5.40pm / 4.40pm (JKT).

    Jung Woo is the bodyguard of Tae Hyuk who has only one task for him: To help him win the heart of Soo Hyun. What will Jung Woo do when she turns out to be his first love?
  • Mrs. Cop 2

    Mrs. Cop 2

    Every Tue - Fri, 6.55pm / 5.55pm(JKT).

    Go Yoon Jung (Kim Sung Ryung) is the new squad leader of the violent crimes unit. As she leads her team into more cases, what will be uncovered?
  • What is PPALI-PPALI?
  • Ghostbusters
  • ONE Scoop

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