• Scarlet Heart
  • The Great Chinese Food Battle

    The Great Chinese Food Battle

    Premieres 24 Oct, every Mon, 8pm / 7pm (JKT).

    Watch celebrity chef Lee Yeon Bok and other master chefs battle it out to re-discover the splendor of Korean-Chinese cuisine!
  • Jealousy Incarnate

    Jealousy Incarnate

    Every Thu & Fri, 8.10pm / 7.10pm (JKT).

    An intense romance is blooming in a broadcast news station! Will the charismatic reporter manage to win over the stubborn weathergirl?
  • Marrying My Daughter Twice

    Marrying My Daughter Twice

    Every Mon & Tue, 10.15pm / 9.15pm (JKT); every Wed - Fri, 9.25pm / 8.25pm (JKT).

    Can Jin Sook resolve her conflicts with her son-in-law, and allow him to marry her daughter - for the second time?
  • 49 Days

    49 Days

    Every Mon - Fri, 5.40pm / 4.40 (JKT).

    In 49 days, a young bride must get three people to shed tears for her to get a second chance at life. It seems easy, but what if things are more complicated than it seems?
  • ONE Scoop
  • What is PPALI-PPALI?

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