The Birth Of A Family

The Birth Of A Family

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23 Aug, Sat8.45am35 minEPISODE 7Episode 7
23 Aug, Sat9.30am35 minEPISODE 8Episode 8
23 Aug, Sat10.15am34 minEPISODE 9Episode 9
23 Aug, Sat11.00am34 minEPISODE 10Episode 10
23 Aug, Sat11.45am34 minEPISODE 11Episode 11
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About The Birth Of A Family

‘The Birth Of A Family’ is a heartwarming family drama which portrays the life of an adopted lady, Lee Soo Jung (Lee So Yeon). Soo Jung only learns about her parentage after her adoptive father passes away. Despite that, she is determined to take care of her family. She eventually finds out about her real family background and also falls in love with her colleague, Kang Yoon Jae (Lee Kyu Han).

Starring: Lee So Yeon (Stay With Me, My Love), Lee Kyu Han (When Tomorrow Comes), and Lee Chae Young (Wife Returns).

Available in Malay and Mandarin audio!



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