The Inheritors

The Inheritors

About The Inheritors

‘The Inheritors’ is a romantic comedy about the love and friendship among a group of wealthy high school students in Empire High School. It revolves around the heir of Empire Group, Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho), who falls in love with his housekeeper’s daughter, Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye).

Starring: Lee Min Ho (The Great Doctor), Park Shin Hye (You’re Beautiful), Kim Woo Bin (Gentleman’s Dignity), Kang Min Hyuk (It’s Ok, Daddy’s Girl), Krystal Jung, Choi Jin Hyuk (My Daughter The Flower), Kang Ha Neul (To The Beautiful You), Kim Ji Won (To The Beautiful You), Park Hyung Shik from K-pop boy band, ZE:A.