Law of the Jungle in Indian Ocean

Law of the Jungle in Indian Ocean

About Law of the Jungle in Indian Ocean

This long-running variety hit series is back with another season! Led by the amazing Kim Byung Man, the new cast includes Kim Seung Soo, Park Hwi Soon, Kang Ji Seob, Uee (After School), Niel (Teen Top) and James (Royal Pirates). They will be left stranded on an island in Indian Ocean with little or no belongings, where they must survive on their own for 20 days.

Starring: Kim Byung Man (Dr Champ, Athena: Goddess of War, I Remember You, Law of the Jungle, Running Man, Eco Village), Kim Seung Soo (Rookie, Golden Pond, Sweetheart, Why Did You Come To My House, Glass Castle, I Am Legend, Still You, Cheongdam-dong Alice), Park Hwi Soon (Faith, The Woman Who Married Thrice), Kang Ji Sub (Dear Heaven, Common Single, Salt Doll, Two Wives, Two Women’s Room), Uee (After School) (You’re Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox), Niel (Teen Top), James (Royal Pirates).



  • Uee was given a nickname called “Bear-Gel Girl” by Kim Byung Man and Kim Seung Soo. It is a play on the words “Bagel Girl” and famous survivalist “Bear Grylls”.
  • James is a Korean-American raised in Los Angeles, California.