One Sweet Word

One Sweet Word

Every Sat, 8.45pm / 7.45pm (JKT).


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26 Jul, Sat12.45pm60 minEPISODE 3Episode 3
26 Jul, Sat2.00pm60 minEPISODE 4Episode 4
26 Jul, Sat8.45pm60 minEPISODE 3Episode 3
26 Jul, Sat10.00pm60 minEPISODE 4Episode 4
2 Aug, Sat12.30pm60 minEPISODE 5Episode 5
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About One Sweet Word

Known as the Korean version of 'Desperate Housewives', 'One Sweet Word' depicts domestic struggles and family life in a love square story between two married couples. Song Mi Kyung (Kim Ji Su) is a devoted wife with a blissful marriage that is envied by many. Yet one day, she discovers that her husband, Yoo Jae Hak (Ji Jin Hee), has an affair and plans to take a slow approach against the cheating couple...

Starring: Ji Jin Hee (The Great Seer), Kim Ji Su, Han Hye Jin, Lee Sang Woo.


  • 'One Sweet Word' marks actress Han Hye Jin’s comeback to the small screen after she is married to footballer Ki Sung Yeung.
  • 'One Sweet Word' is also actress Kim Ji Soo's first comeback drama after two years.
  • Actor Ji Jin Hee takes on the role as a married man with an affair for the first time.


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