Only My Love

Only My Love

About Only My Love

Only My Love is a romantic melodrama that explores the ups and downs of Go Eun Jung’s life. Born into a poor family, Eun Jung was brought up by her widowed mother, a shoe shiner. Eun Jung eventually marries Kang Sung Jae, but she loses everything after her husband and mother-in-law commits a terrible crime. Eun Jung slowly works toward restarting her new life, overcoming all obstacles and climbing her way to the top of the success ladder.

Starring: Lee Min Young (The Land) & Song Jae Hee (Still You).



  • The writer for Only My Love was also involved in the writing for another SBS drama, While You Were Sleeping.
  • Song Jae Hee was the singer for one of the OST songs in his previous drama series, Still You.