About Pinocchio

Inspired by the world-renowned fable of the same name, Pinocchio will star two of South Korea’s brightest young television stars, Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger) and Park Shin Hye (The Inheritors). The coming-of-age story delves into the lives of childhood friends Choi In Ha and Choi Da Pol who are budding journalists at a current affairs news desk.  Park Shin Hye’s character Choi In Ha suffers from the incurable Pinocchio Syndrome – a ‘medical condition’ that causes her to be afflicted with violent hiccups whenever she tells anything but the truth.  Lee Jong Suk plays the scruffy-looking country bumpkin Choi Da Pol, who will eventually bloom into a dashing and eloquent gentleman. The series will follow the characters’ pursuit of truth, righteousness and most of all, love.

Starring: Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger), Park Shin Hye (The Inheritors), Kim Young Kwang (Birth Secret), Lee Yoo Bi.



  • Lee Jong Suk and Kim Young Kwang had worked together previously on the movie “Hot Young Bloods”.
  • The Director Jo Soo Won and Writer Park Hye Ryun had worked together previously on another SBS drama “I Hear Your Voice” starring Lee Jong Suk.