Secret Door

Secret Door

About Secret Door

Secret Door is a historical drama set in the 1700s South Korea, during the reign of King Yeongjo. It is the epic retelling of the events leading up to the murder of Crown Prince Sado, who was ordered to death by King Yeongjo – his father.

Veteran actor Han Suk Kyu plays the power-hungry King Yeongjo and will star alongside Lee Je Hoon (Fashion King) who will take the role of Prince Sado.

History has it that Prince Sado was mentally unstable, violent and sexually assaults others in the palace. Despite Yeongjo's efforts to reform him, Sado’s conditions remained unchanged. He had no choice but to order the death of his own son. The 24-episode drama will reveal the revolutionary vision of Prince Sado and uncover the ‘truth’ behind his death.

Starring: Han Suk Kyu (Deep Rooted Tree), Lee Se Hoon (Fashion King), Kim Yoo Jung (Pure Pumpkin Flower, Tempted Again, Cain and Abel, The Painter Of The Wind, Iljimae), Park Eun Bin (Lobbyist, Catch a Kang Nam Mother, Stained Glass, Glass Slippers, The Thief’s Daughter, White Night 3.98).



  • Secret Door stars Kim Yoo Jung, a 14-year-old actress as one of the female leads.
  • Secret Door is Lee Je Hoon’s comeback drama after completing his military service.