7 K-Star Instagram Accounts to Follow

Social media is all the rage among Korean stars recently, with Instagram being particularly popular. We take a look at some of the most social-media savvy celebrities and why you must follow them!

  1. Yoon Kyun Sang

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    Where do we even begin to express how much we miss our dorkiest warrior Moo Hyul from Six Flying Dragons? Fortunately for us, Yoon Kyun Sang is a real-life goofball who loves to capture it all on social media! If you are missing our Joseon pioneers, here is one Instagram account to follow!
  2. Joo Won

    While his Instagram handle may not roll off your tongue easily (@zu.won_moon.jun.won), his account reveals some of the hidden charms of this Korean heartthrob. Quirky and not afraid to make fun of himself, Joo Won shows he is just as able to have fun even as he is busy being awesome on set!
  3. Park Shin Hye

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    We wish we could do justice in telling you how gorgeous Park Shin Hye is – but you really must follow her on Instagram (@ssinz7) to find that out for yourself!
  4. Ji Suk Jin

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    Ji Suk Jin’s Instagram account (@jeeseokjin) features many behind-the-scenes shots of the show and cast members that are often funny and insightgful! With so much love that he showers on his fellow cast members, it makes you wonder if the biggest Running Man fan is in fact himself!
  5. Kim So Eun

    If you are feeling down after a hard day’s work, a glimpse at Kim So Eun’s Instagram account (@socun89) is a sure-way to perk you up! With her refreshing good looks and quirky personality, you cannot help but smile back at her!
  6. Sandara Park (2NE1)

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    Dara from 2NE1 started her Instagram account (@daraxxi) back in 2013. With a true flair for social media, her account now boasts over 3 million followers! She revealed earlier this year that in recognition of her social media savviness, YG Entertainment even gave her the role of Public Affairs Manager and promoted her to the role of Director!
  7. RAIN

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    With an Instagram handle like his (@rain_oppa), you know you’re in for a treat! Showcasing some love for his current drama, Please Come Back, Mister, as well as their behind-the-scene antics, it is no surprise how much fun they are having with a great Oppa like him around!