ICYMI: Baby-faced Yoo Yun Suk Makes Unexpected 'Mrs. Cop' Cameo

Now we know more about why the unendingly adorable Yoo Yun Suk was promoting Mrs. Cop on his Instagram page. One of the main actors Son Ho Jun is known to be close friends with him, but it’s also because the man’s got a cameo role!

In episode 16, Yoo Yun Suk fans got to see the baby-faced 31-year-old play the role of a newly appointed pathologist at the National Forensic Institute, Dr Jo.

In the episode, Dr Jo has a job explaining important autopsy results, but also takes it upon himself to flirt a little with the hot young detective Min Do Young (Lee Da Hee). Naturally, his real-life buddy Son Ho Jun, who plays special forces soldier Han Jin Woo, has to intervene.