Jo Jung Suk to Tie The Knot with Long-time Girlfriend Gummy

Romantic proposals are a dime a dozen in K-dramas, but one of the most romantic ones to-date would have to be Jo Jung Suk's simple but sweet proposal in Jealousy Incarnate for sure! Fans of the series will remember Lee Hwa Shin's heartfelt proposal to Pyo Na Ri, asking her for her hand in exchange for a promise to cook her ramyeon a thousand times.

Now, we have to wonder if Jo Jung Suk did the same when asking for long-time beau Gummy's hand. The five-year-old couple's relationship has always been a modest and private one; while there were occasional break-up rumours, these were confirmed to be false when Jo Jung Suk mentioned Gummy's name during his acceptance speech at a recent awards ceremony. He referred to Gummy as a huge fan of his work, and brought up how the two of them had a lot on their plate working on their individual projects, so much so that they rarely get to see or speak to each other.

Despite how busy they are, their love seems to only have grown stronger over the years, with the duo recently announcing the happy news that they are due to be married later in 2018. In a letter to his fans on Jan 22, 2018, Jo Jung Suk shared his thoughts on this important life decision and expressed his nervousness at the same time, although he believes that this marriage represents a new beginning for him, and a path he is excited to walk alongside his partner with. While no specific date has been set yet, Jo Jung Suk and Gummy have decided to tie the knot because they have been each other's pillar of support, and the actor wishes for his fans to give them their blessings to live a good life together.

The actor's sincere message to his fans left many touched and congratulatory messages are pouring in to wish them all the best in their marriage. We wish the happiest of unions to the happy couple!