Quiz: Which chicken shop from 'My Heart Twinkle Twinkle' are you most like?

Character Quiz: Which Chicken Shop Are You?

Fresh off the end of My Heart Twinkle Twinkle, come try out our quiz to find out which chicken shop from the series you're most like!

  1. Where will you get your fresh chicken?

    A - You have a supplier. Scratch that - you have several suppliers
    B - You trust no one - all the chicken comes from your own farm
    C - There's a large supermarket near your shop
  2. How do you like your chicken?

    A - Sweet and umami
    B - Not greasy, but maybe a little salty - you know, like tears
    C - Greasy and fragrant
  3. What's most important?

    A - Money
    B - Integrity
    C - Success
  4. What best describes your personality?

    A - Cunning - you know how to get what you want
    B - Grounded - you're not tempted by fancies
    C - Determined, especially if it's about something you're passionate about
  5. What's your take on love?

    A - Careful - it may take years for you to warm up to someone
    B - You take what you can get
    C - Love? You've never really thought about it
  6. What are you like when you're angry?

    A - You let the anger sit there, bubbling like lava in the Volcano of Disaster
    B - You cry yourself a river, right there and then
    C - What else? Take revenge!
  7. What do you do if things don't go your way?

    A - Go on strike
    B - Think carefully of an alternative - you usually end up with something better
    C - Turn your aegyo on full blast and hustle until you get what you want
  8. Be honest - do you even like chicken?

    A - You don't even eat it
    B - Of course, it's the food of the common people!
    C - You don't care much for it - you just want to get the recipe right

Mostly As: You are Woon Tak Chicken, the bullying fried chicken empire in Kyungsan that now wants a large piece of the pie in Seoul.

Mostly Bs: You are Lee Jin Sam Chicken - honest and well-loved, but extremely unfortunate.

Mostly Cs: You are Fly Chicken. You haven't quite gotten the taste right, but your appetite for life is addictive!

Starring Jang Shin Young and Bae Soo Bin, My Heart Twinkle Twinkle is a 26-episode series about an honest man struggling to make a living with his small business, Lee Jin Sam Chicken. On top of trying to be a good father to his three daughters, the widower also has to fight off the taunting of old rival Woon Tak Chicken, which is determined to smoke out all the competition in Gyeongsan and expand into Seoul.