Who Would You Take to the Jungle with You?

The Law of the Jungle series is known for challenging Korean celebrities to trade their glamorous images for the more rugged ways of the jungle. The latest installment will see stars such as actor Seo Kang Joon and AOA's Seolhyun, tackling the jungles of Tonga. While the jungle is no simple walk in the park, here are five stars whom we would take for an unforgettable trip to the jungle!

Lee Kwang Soo

There would never be a dull moment with the Prince of Asia, as he is affectionately known among Running Man fans. However, all that glee and laughter may come with some unfortunate setbacks in the jungle. After all, Lee Kwang Soo is also known for being the king of misfortune in Running Man!

Miss A's Fei

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Miss A's Fei would not only add some grace and beauty to a difficult hike in the jungle, she would also be pretty handy with the knife! Fei has appeared in a series of Korean variety shows, showcasing her culinary talent as well as some expert knife skills that have impressed professional chefs. Driven and passionate, she would be a tough cookie to withstand all the challenges a jungle life might bring.

Yoo Ah In

While his good looks and talent alone would win him a golden ticket to any dream trip of ours, it is his cooking skills that would make him an invaluable team member in our ideal Law of the Jungle cast! Proving his culinary skills in a cooking face off in Running Man once, he has also previously said in an interview while promoting Jang Ok Jung that he can cook a wide variety of dishes.

Kim Soo Ro

Currently starring as an ahjusshi gangster-turned-spirit in Please Come Back, Mister, Kim Soo Ro is a veteran of the variety show world. Known for his agility and sharpness at games, he would be the ace of our ideal Law of the Jungle cast!


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Yes, already a cast member of the Panama installment, SISTAR's Bora participation is highly anticipated for her athleticism. One of the most athletic idols out there, Bora has shown her skills with the archery and may prove her worth as a strong member of this ideal team! Don't be fooled though – her real weapon may just be her aegyo attacks set to keep viewers' hearts fluttering!