Deep Rooted Tree

Starts 14 Jun, every Mon - Fri, 5.40pm (4.40pm JKT). With Malay and Mandarin audio where available.

Deep Rooted Tree

About Deep Rooted Tree

10 years ago…

Tormented screaming echoes from somewhere around the palace and Lee Do (Song Joong Ki) knows, his father is murdering someone again. He continues to read his books without moving an inch. Although screams of Min Mou Hyul, his uncle, and all his maternal relatives who have suffered from his father’s torture echo through the palace, he only keeps reading books with nonchalance as if he was deaf and blind. His father who already killed most of his relatives is now on a killing rampage to kill the rest of his mother’s relatives.

Available in Malay and Mandarin audio and subtitles in selected countries where available.