The Privileged

The Privileged

About The Privileged

In search of true love, the youngest daughter of a rich family, Jang Yoon Ha (UEE), hides her status in society and goes to work at a food market. What will happen when she meets and falls in love with Choi Joon Ki (Sung Joon), a man who thinks love is just a tool to emotionally manipulate others?

Starring: Kim Yoo Jin (UEE) (He's Beautiful!), Sung Joon (Hyde Jekyll, Me), Park Hyung Sik (The Inheritors), Lim Ji Yeon (Obsessed).


  • UEE is a member of K-pop group After School.
  • Park Hyung Sik is a member of K-pop group ZE:A.
  • Sung Joon shot to fame with Hyde Jekyll, Me.