The Strange Housekeeper

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The Strange Housekeeper

About The Strange Housekeeper

After the death of his wife, Eun Sang Chul (Lee Sung Jae) finds that he has to bear the responsibility of taking care of his four children whom are used to living abroad. As they encounter many troubles in their daily lives, Park Bok Nyeo (Choi Ji Woo) appears and is hired as a housekeeper. Bok Nyeo is a mysterious lady who delivers her job perfectly, but is cold and unsociable. Yet, she becomes an important character who helps to rebuild the bonds of the Eun family.

Starring: Choi Ji Woo (Stairway To Heaven), Lee Sung Jae, Wang Ji Hye (Protect The Boss), Kim So Hyun (I Hear Your Voice), Chae Sang Woo (Jang Ok Jung).

Available in Bahasa Malaysia & Mandarin dub!