Your Lady

About Your Lady

Your Lady is a long-running family drama that is full of unexpected plot twists and turns. Lee Yoo Ri is the leading lady, she plays an orphan Lee Eun Soo who has a wildly optimistic. She interns at Manbok Company and falls in love with the CEO’s son Kang Jung Hoon (Park Yoon Jae) without knowing who he was.

Their happiness, however, is short lived. The plot takes on an unexpected twist when Eun Soo loses her memory after a tragic car accident. Eun Soo then marries the man who saved her from the accident Na Jin Goo (Im Ho), and lived under a faux name Oh Yoo Jung.

Jin Goo suddenly disappears six years later and Eun Soo finds herself at Manbok Company, looking for her husband…

Starring: Lee Yoo Ri, Park Yoon Jae (Tasty Life), Im Ho, Park Young Rin & Lee Byung Wook.