Min Dong Yun
  • Min Se Yun
  • Na Jin Goo
  • Kang Jung Hoon
  • Lee Eun Soo

Min Dong Yun

Actor Name: Lee Byung Wook

Min Dong Yun (Lee Byung Wook) is the brother of Min Se Yun (Park Young Rin) and the president of Manbok Food. He suspects that Manbok Group’s chairman, Kang Man Bok (Jung Han Yong), is the cause of his father’s death. He is cautious, but continues to follow Man Bok’s instructions, including killing Lee Eun Soo (Lee Yoo Ri). Dong Yun wants his sister to marry Man Bok’s son, Kang Jung Hoon (Park Yoon Jae), so that he can lay his hands on Man Bok’s company.