Your Lady


Min Se Yun
  • Min Dong Yun
  • Na Jin Goo
  • Kang Jung Hoon
  • Lee Eun Soo

Min Se Yun

Actor Name: Park Young Rin

Min Se Yun (Park Young Rin) is in love with Kang Jung Hoon (Park Yoon Jae) since young. She willingly accepts her brother, Min Dong Yun’s (Lee Byung Wook) instructions to marry Jung Hoon, but realises that Jung Hoon has become an item with Lee Eun Soo (Lee Yoo Ri). She becomes angry and wishes for Eun Soo to die. When the news of Eun Soo’s death comes true, Se Yun takes the chance to tie the knot with Jung Hoon in the days to come.