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  • The King in Love
  • My Sassy Girl
  • Eric Nam 1st Live In Singapore 2017
  • ONE Scoop
  • Reunited Worlds

    Reunited Worlds

    Premieres 20 Jul, every Thu & Fri, 8.10pm (7.10pm JKT). Within 24 hours of Korea.

    Can a love that is out of time find a way to bring two people together?
  • Fabrication


    Premieres 25 Jul, every Tue & Wed, 6.55pm (5.55pm JKT). Within 24 hours of Korea.

    What will it take to uncover corruption hidden under the surface of normal society?
  • Suspicious Partner

    Suspicious Partner

    Every Thu & Fri, 8.10pm (7.10pm JKT). Within 24 hours of Korea.

    Will danger really bring this pair closer together?
  • What is PPALI-PPALI?

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