Announcement: Due to a programme schedule change in Korea, a repeat of the previous episode of The Show will air on Sun 28 May. New episodes resume from Sun 4 Jun at 11pm (10pm JKT).
  • What is PPALI-PPALI?
  • ONE Scoop
  • Whisper


    Every Tue & Wed, 8.10pm (7.10pm JKT). Within 24 hours of Korea.

    There's always corruption and temptation when power and money are at stake…
  • Scarlet Heart

    Scarlet Heart

    Every Wed - Fri, 6.55pm (5.55pm JKT).

    Relive the epic love story that transcends time!

  • Suspicious Partner

    Suspicious Partner

    Every Thu & Fri, 8.10pm (7.10pm JKT). Within 24 hours of Korea.

    Will danger really bring this pair closer together?
  • Band of Sisters

    Band of Sisters

    Every Sat, 3.15pm (2.15pm JKT). 2 episodes back-to-back.

    Three women bond with each other through the common pain of losing a loved one!
  • To All the Sassy Girls in the World
  • My Sassy Girl

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Stargram S2
Episode 2
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Woman Plus
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Episode 1
You Are My Present
You Are My Present
Episode 63

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