5 life lessons we've picked up from 'Doctors'

We're only a couple of episodes into new SBS drama Doctors, but already a fandom is brewing. Some are long-time shippers of The Inheritors' star Park Shin Hye (who plays rebel-turned-ace doctor Yoo Hye Jung) while others are glued to their seat by the big-guns-big-heart combo that is teacher Hong Ji Hong, played by Kim Rae Won, who was last seen in thriller drama Punch.

But we reckon that's not the only reason they're sticking – Doctors is packed to the rafters with wisdom and we all know that's the mark of a really good drama. Here are some of our favourites, from just the first 2 episodes:

"Don't cast pearls before swine"

A biblical proverb that basically means don't offer anything sacred to a dog or a pig (figurative ones, of course) or they'll trample on it and then turn against you. Quite a bitter pill to swallow considering Ji Hong told Hye Jung this the first time they met. If he seems harsh, remember that Hye Jung didn't exactly give him any reason to have anything less than a terrible first impression of her!

"The dichotomy of good and evil can't be used to describe people"

Just when you think all the sassing Ji Hong's receiving from Hye Jung and his students is about to make horns appear out of his head, he breaks out a gem like this one. In case you're wondering, he means humans are complex and can't be defined by those two values alone – and he says these about the very people who want to completely ruin him. If that doesn't make him a saint, nothing else will come close!

"Don't tell lies you'll easily get caught for"

Some parents might find this to be a little off-the-mark, but Teacher Hong knows that "honesty is the best policy" is for Plain Janes, not his hot-blooded, micro-skirted students. He does have a point though – if you're already going to lie, you'd do better if you make sure you're able to get away with it!

"Getting good grades is a talent in itself"

Remember that the next time you're scribbling poetry or recording a Smule video in class, kids. Students are meant to ace exams and Teacher Hong is very enthusiastic about exams. Besides, with a teacher like Hong Ji Hong at the front of the classroom, isn't that good enough motivation in itself?

"Love comes from the brain, not from the heart"

Expect to hear more lines like "Affection comes from the amygdaloidal nucleus in the limbic system. The brain gives you emotions." – the show is called Doctors, after all. The next time you try to win someone's heart, you'll know the way and it's not through their stomach. Will Hye Jung apply this lesson to Teacher Hong – and will he fall for it?