5 Ways to Fall in Love with Lee Jin Wook

Lee Jin Wook, the male lead of The Time We Were Not In Love, remarked in a recent interview with Elle that he believes he is only just beginning as an actor, despite his string of successful dramas and films under his belt. While he continues to impress in his various projects, we can't help but to repeatedly fall for the charming actor whenever he does the following things!

  1. When he dons a uniform

    The allure of a man in uniform is a mysterious thing. Fangirls can rejoice that we get to see Lee Jin Wook not in one or two but THREE types of uniforms in The Time We Were Not In Love – in a high school uniform, in army fatigues and in an air steward attire! Which one do you think he looks best in?

  2. When his eyes twinkle

    When asked about Lee Jin Wook at the drama's press conference, his co-star Ha Ji Won said, "Lee Jin-wook has really twinkly eyes. It's enough to put you in a good mood while you're shooting. I think he might be at his most charismatic in this drama." We aren't shooting a drama with him but we certainly agree that those twinkly eyes can put us in a good mood any time!

  3. When he looks sad

    With such expressive eyes, Lee Jin Wook has the puppy-dog-look perfected, effortlessly tugging at your heartstrings whenever he looks downcast. A part of you probably secretly wishes you could reach out through the screen and say, "It's alright, oppa! We are always here if you need us!"

  4. When he looks adorable without trying at all

    Get ready for some aegyo attack because this man looks adorable without even trying! Lee Jin Wook has however denied having an aegyo arsenal in an interview last year and revealed that he was better at making people laugh. We hope we get to see some of his comedic chops in another drama soon!

  5. When he suits up

    In a suit, Lee Jin Wook is the epitome of gentlemanly charm. While we cannot help but find the choice of sneakers slightly questionable, we find that he otherwise looks pretty good when he suits up!