7 Reasons GOT7's Jackson is the Perfect Boyfriend

Hong Kong born Jackson Wang may be just 21 and only debuted as a member of K-pop group GOT7 last year, but he's already become a big hit with the girls. Here's 7 reasons why!

  1. He's multi-talented
    Jackson was scouted by JYP Entertainment back in 2010, so he's obviously a good singer and dancer, and a looker. But did you know that he was also a national fencer? He even won the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship! Get a taste of Jackson's mad skills in this dance practice video by GOT7, shot only with a handheld and monopod.

  2. He's a model son
    Jackson's parents were against the idea of him going to Korea to become a JYP trainee. That's how he won the fencing championship - his dad told him if he became the best fencer in Hong Kong he'd get to go to Korea, and the rest is history. A few months ago, he put up a photo he took with his parents with a message thanking them for giving him "precious life" and to assure them that he will "work to (his) fullest". Aww!

  3. He's also a model - a really good one
    We're sure this doesn't need much explaining - with a body like that, it's kind of hard not to be.

  4. He has the best hair…
    Jackson probably has the most versatile hair and face shape in GOT7, which is why he's always seen sporting the most drastic hair changes. We love his current honey blonde crop, which he's styled in a dozen ways, each as perfect on him as the next.

  5. …and the best lips

    Hands up, those of you who blushed! Need we say more about his lips? ;)
  6. He knows when (and how) to be creepy
    Many girls would die for a boyfriend who has all the qualities above, but sometimes, all we want is someone who makes us laugh, right? Jackson isn't afraid to show off his creepy/dorky/awkward side every once in awhile, making him perfectly imperfect. It also helps that he gets all his good-looking pals to join him…

  7. He loves the outdoors
    Naturally, because he's a sportsman, Jackson's not afraid to spend some time out in the sun and he's also fond of an outdoor challenge. Evidence? He's gamely agreed to be part of Law of the Jungle, an award-winning hybrid (reality, documentary and variety all in one) show that throws its cast members into the depths of nature to see how they survive. Will Jackson succeed in proving to JYP that he can be a "useful man in the jungle"?