INFINITE's Hoya speaks out on being an idol-turned actor

Following a series of successful appearances in dramas such as My Lovely Girl and Mask, INFINITE's Hoya has returned to the small screen after a 2-year break in new comedy sitcom Super Family.

Speaking on his choice of the drama as his comeback project, Hoya revealed that he decided to do so as he wanted to work with director Choi Moon Suk, who directed Memories of Bali, as it is a show he really likes.

The main dancer and rapper of boy band INFINITE, Hoya is well-known amongst fans for his electrifying dance moves and on-stage charisma and is also increasingly making a name for himself as a successful idol-turned-actor. "Acting has certainly made me a more "complete" and all-rounded entertainer," he said. "I never thought of becoming an actor as first, but as I grew my career as an artiste, I realized how valuable these experiences are."

Although idols-turned-actors are frequently subject to criticism from the public, Hoya shrugs off these concerns. "There are many successful idols-turned-actors out there and they've been an inspiration to many younger stars like myself, " he said. "You cannot change how others think of or perceive you, but you can change how you react to them.I choose to focus on doing well in every role I receive, and that's what I will place my attention on – not the naysayers."