Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Show That They Are #CoupleGoals

Married couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young got K-drama fans all over the world swooning when their love for each other was recently revealed. As their dramas Innocent Defendant and Whisper were slated to air one after the other, their filming periods coincided and they were able to visit each other on set.

In a recent interview, the director of Whisper Lee Myung Woo revealed that Ji Sung frequently visits the set of the drama to catch a glimpse of his wife. Director Lee further disclosed that although Lee Bo Young always tells him to chase her husband away, it's clear from her expression that she's happy to see him. She apparently returns the favour as well – Ji Sung has posted a group photo of the Innocent Defendant cast posing with Lee Bo Young on his own Instagram.

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The charismatic actor also shared more in an email interview on his gratitude for how his family is able to understand the nature of his work, stating that "it is largely because (his) wife is an actress as well." When asked if he would be cutting down on his workload to spend more time with his family, Ji Sung replied, "We do still get to spend quality time together, but we make it a point to take turns to spend time with our daughter. For instance, we try not to be working at the same time."

Looking at their sweet interactions, don't you think the Ji Sung-Lee Bo Young pairing is a perfect example of #CoupleGoals?

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