Jun Ji Hyun Shares Her Thoughts on Working with Lee Min Ho

Mermaid-out-of-water Jun Ji Hyun has been entertaining audiences to no end with her qirky habits in fantastical romance series Legend of the Blue Sea, but her chemistry with on-screen partner Lee Min Ho has also got fans talking.

Legend of the Blue Sea marks the first collaboration between the two megastars of the K-drama scene, which was one reason why the series was so highly anticipated before its premiere. In an email interview, the 35-year-old new mother divulged that it was "a little hard at first" for the two of them to get used to each other, since it was the first time that they were working together.

"My impression of him is that he is very tall, which he really is," Jun Ji Hyun said, when describing her impression of Lee Min Ho before and after actually meeting him. "It was difficult in the beginning because we were each trying to figure out how to portray our own characters."

In spite of the initial hiccups, the star also shared that the comedic scenes in the drama were a great boost to the chemistry between them. "We took some time, but we eventually became really comfortable with each other, and our chemistry has definitely become better," she said.

It is little wonder then that the pair have become one of the most beloved K-drama pairings in recent dramas! As the 20-episode drama draws to a close, it's everyone's guess as to how the ending will play out, but we're definitely hoping for a happy ending for the two!