K-Beauty Tips from Your Favourite Stars!

From their flawless skin to their milky white complexion to their perfectly toned bodies, read on to find out must-know K-beauty tips from your favourite stars!

  1. Start from young

    Song Hye Kyo's string of successful dramas has made her one of the most sought-after models, gracing fashion covers and becoming the face of well-known cosmetic brands. With her grueling schedule, she credits her mother for encouraging her towards using anti-ageing products early. "My mother told me it's better to start using anti-ageing, even at a young age. Especially since I'm an actress and I'm constantly under stage lights or exposed to a lot of sunlight."
  2. Keep it clean

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    When it comes to maintaining a fresh and flawless look, trust Miss A's Suzy to give you the know-how. According to Suzy, her skincare routine includes setting aside 10 minutes daily to wash her face! Known as the double cleansing method, she uses a cleansing oil and foam cleanser before rinsing her face with lukewarm water. With such dedication, it is no wonder then that Suzy is known for her crystal-clear skin and healthy radiance!
  3. Body Goals

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    SISTAR's Soyou is easily considered "body goals" for any K-Pop fan. "The truth is I love to eat so I'm constantly paying it off through exercise," she said. However, maintaining her fit and healthy image has not been easy. Sharing that she once lost 8kg in a single month while going through an extreme dieting and workout regime, she reflects that such a method only "ruins your body" and is now more mindful in balancing food and exercise.
  4. A Pack A Day

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    It is not surprising that Ha Ji Won is voted as the celebrity with the best skin for all seasons. At thirty-eight years old, she looks not a day over twenty! According to her, she puts on a facial mask every single day of the year. She is not the only one extolling the wonders of a mask. Korean heartthrob, Song Joong Ki, too has said that he uses a facial mask every day to keep his skin looking flawless!