K-Trivia: Fun Facts About Kim Ah Joong!

Born: Kim Ah Joong
Profession: Actress, model and singer
Birth Date: 16 October 1982 (Libra) at Seoul, South Korea
Vital Stats: 48kg (Weight), 170cm (Height), O (Blood Type)
Talent Agency: King Entertainment

You'd never guess that the schoolgirl scouted off the streets to become a fashion model would eventually become one of the most well-known actresses in South Korea!

Kim Ah Joong, most well-known for her leading role in the wildly successful movie 200 Pounds Beauty, debuted in 2003. She went on to appear in a handful of films, dramas and commercials before the now-classic comedy film propelled her to fame! For her portrayal of Hana, the plus-sized singer who underwent plastic surgery to become a pop sensation, she was awarded Best Actress at the 2007 Grand Bell Awards.

Aside from being an accomplished actress, she is also one of the most sought-after and most featured models in South Korean advertisements, earning her the title of "CF Queen". As if she couldn't be any more talented, she's a great singer too! In 200 Pounds Beauty, the powerful vocals from the songs "Maria", "Beautiful Girls" and "Byul" belong to Kim Ah Joong herself. She's definitely the definition of a triple threat!

Kim Ah Joong isn't just known for her beautiful looks and great talent – she has proven that her heart is made of gold as well! She is known amongst colleagues and friends for being a very honest and warm person. What's more, as part of a campaign organized by a jewellery brand in 2015, she personally gave out free watches to single mothers in Korea to encourage and empower them as women.

One might also think that someone as lovely as her would definitely be experienced in the romance department, but the truth is that she never really had any male friends since she was a teenager! There are just loads of mystery surrounding her love life. However, she has let slip a little tidbit about what she likes in a man – a nice voice!