Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye share their thoughts on working with each other

If you've been watching new drama Doctors, it's impossible to miss the explosive chemistry between the two leads Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye. While the first two episodes have focused on building up their mentor-mentee relationship, we know from the teasers to expect a romance to blossom as well!

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Commenting on their working relationship, Park Shin Hye revealed in an email interview that she feels "very comfortable … and protected" acting alongside Kim Rae Won. Although she has mainly worked with peers closer to her age in her previous works (including big names like Lee Min Ho in The Inheritors, and Lee Jong Suk in Pinocchio), she remarked that she feels like she "can really rely on (Kim Rae Won) because of the age gap" between them. She said, "Working with peers was more like leaning on one another and forming the drama together, while working with Kim Rae Won is like me leading the drama and him supporting from behind."

The feelings seem to be mutual when it comes to male lead Kim Rae Won as well, who praised Park Shin Hye for her "excellent personality" and how she is "very considerate towards other actors." When asked about any advice he could give Park Shin Hye, given his status as an industry veteran, he had just one thing to say: "Rather than giving advice, I believe that we can work together in a delightful atmosphere, and I look forward to working with her."