New teaser for 'Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim' released

Korean broadcaster SBS has released a new teaser for its next drama series, Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, which will be premiering soon on ONE in November 2016.

The teaser opens to a darkened corridor, with lead character Boo Yong Joo (played by award-winning, veteran actor Han Seok Kyu) walking down the aisle, accompanied by a mournful instrumental tune. A voiceover states: "In my area, there is only one thing to do. Save people. No matter what happens, save people."

Following that impactful first scene are glimpses of the action we can expect from the medical drama, which is touted to be a drama that explores the real meaning of being a doctor. Han Seok Kyu will play the role of a genius surgeon who gives up an accomplished career at a large hospital to practice at a provincial hospital, where he becomes mentor to two up-and-coming young doctors. His mentees are played by Yoo Yeon Seok and Seo Hyun Jin, both of whom are surely no strangers to viewers of K-dramas.

With fans already mourning the impending end of hit series Scarlet Heart (we're not ready either!), Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim will have some big shoes to fill. If the sleekness of the first teaser is anything to go by, though, we're certainly looking forward to see the show on our screens soon!