ONE Exclusive Interview - Han Ye Seul

ONE got up-close-and-personal with the Birth of a Beauty star and uncovered 10 things you never knew about the actress. Read on to learn more about the stunning actress!

  1. She was born in America but she gave up her American citizenship in 2004.

  2. Her real name is Kim Ye Seul Yi, raised in LA and graduated from college before moving to South Korea to model.

  3. She is fluent in both Korean and English.

  4. She was the voice for character ‘Susan Murphy' in the Korean-language version of Monsters vs. Aliens. She was praised by Dreamworks' Jeffrey Katzenberg for her beautiful voice, which suited the role perfectly. And when he met her in person, he said she was just as gorgeous as her voice.

  5. She is currently dating top YG Entertainment Producer Teddy.

  6. She is very close to her mom, "We do things together; we watch TV and talk about everything under the sun".

  7. She thinks that Jun Ji Hyun is really cool, "She has bold curve lines and really distinct features. I think it is cool that she is receiving love from fans for her drama and her marriage".

  8. She is not afraid to express herself. "… before I get any older (Laughs) I want to be able to love freely, without having to care about what others think. I want to go to the movies, drink, hold hands and walk on the streets. I am happy that I can express myself freely and do what young lovers do."

  9. She doesn't think she is a born-actress. "I don't think I am a born actress. I have to make up for the lack of talents with hard work. I want viewers to look forward to seeing me on screen, like meeting a friend."

  10. She wanted to propose to her boyfriend during her acceptance speech at SBS Drama Awards 2014. "I even thought of proposing to him during my acceptance speech at SBS Awards last year."