ONE Exclusive Interview - Lim Su Hyang

Tell us more about yourself. How did you get started in the entertainment industry?
It’s the cliché story! I was discovered by my agent on the streets and became interested in acting after that. My parents wanted me to continue my academic studies so I went abroad for my studies, but my dream was to become an actress so I entered the Art School in Korea and majored in theatre art in college.

‘New Gisaeng Story’ was your second drama and you were cast as the female lead, how do you feel about that? Did you feel pressurized to perform well?
It’s really an honor. I give my sincere thanks to the director and the writer of this drama. It’s a long drama (52 episodes) so I felt the pressure and was very nervous. However, this is my dream so I just wanted to give my all and do well. For the last year, I have been living as my character Saran. Even in my private life, I tried to live like Saran.

What attracted you to your role in ‘New Gisaeng Story’?
It was very difficult for me to portray Saran, as she is a very complicated character. If I have to pin-point it, I would say the sophistication and elegance of Saran was what drew me to the role.

What are the similarities and differences between Dan Sa Ran and you?
There aren’t many similarities between Saran and myself. Maybe the preference for taking gradual steps is quite similar. Unlike Saran, I’m very outgoing and fun!

What was most challenging while filming ‘New Gisaeng Story’?
I think the biggest challenge was to express fully Saran’s complicated character. Other than portraying the character’s feeling and what she’s going through, there aren’t many challenging things.

Which was your favourite scene in ‘New Gisaeng Story’?
It was the scene where Dan Sa Ran started her first day of work at Bu Yong Gak (Hostess House). I was crying a lot with Da Mo at that time. I felt really exhausted after the shoot, so it is deeply etched in my memory.

Were there any funny incidents during filming?
I find it funny how I was always crying in all the scenes!

Which Korean actor/actress would you like to work with?
There are too many brilliant senior actors/actresses but if I can only pick one, I hope to act with Kim Hee Ae (actress in Midas, SBS). I would be very honoured to be able to work with her.

What are some of your current/upcoming projects?
There are ongoing discussions between my management and production houses, I think I will have some new projects at the end of this year.

Have you been to Singapore and Malaysia? Do you have anything to tell your fans in Singapore and Malaysia?
I’ve never been to these two countries before, but I will be really glad to be invited to meet the fans of New Gisaeng Story. I hope to see all of you soon in the near future!