ONE Exclusive Interview - Seo In Guk

How was it like working alongside your seniors (“sunbaes”) So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin in ‘The Master’s Sun’? Were you nervous about it? Who made you more nervous?
I felt at ease working with senior actors, So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. The filming took place in a cheerful and harmonious atmosphere, hence it was an enjoyable memory for me.

You play security leader, Kang Woo, who silently stood by the female lead, Tae Gong Sil. Have you ran into similar instances before in real life, where your love confessions did not quite work out?
Yes, I had a one-sided crush experience. I made a hard confession, though it did not work out. It broke my heart.

In the drama, your character fell for Tae Gong Sil who is older. In real life, would you be able to accept someone older as your girlfriend? What is your ideal girlfriend like?
I think that love has no age boundaries. I would prefer an intelligent woman over a pretty one as my ideal type.

In the drama, Kang Woo is very afraid of ghosts, how about you? What type of ghosts are you most fearful of? Do you watch horror movies? Should you have an opportunity to speak to a ghost, what is one question you would ask?
I would not want to see ghosts. I am afraid of ghosts in fact.

We see your lean body and agile moves in ‘The Master’s Sun’, and it was difficult to tell that you were previously 86 kg. How did you successfully lose more than 20 kg?
I did not lose more than 20 kg at once. I monitored my weight consistently through exercise and diet for a long-term period of 6 months.

Could you share with us a secret of Seo In Guk?
Since it is a secret, I cannot say it.

You did a great job on ‘The Master’s Sun’. What is the most memorable experience or difficulty you had on that show?
‘The Master’s Sun’ was filmed in the middle of summer but my role as a security officer required me to be decked in formal wear even at outdoor filming locations. This was most memorable to me.

If you were able to rewrite the show’s script, would you make Tae Gong Sil choose Kang Woo instead of Joo Joong Won? If so, how would you do it?
Even if I were able to rewrite the script, I would make Tae Gong Sil choose Joo Joong Won. In this way, Kang Woo’s love would shine!

Which character that you have acted so far has left the most memorable experience so far and why?
Playing ‘Yoon Jae’ in Reply 1997 is the most memorable experience for me. ‘Yoon Jae’ is a role that is like a first love to me and we have many similarities together.

We read that you underwent a strict diet and physical exercise for your role on ‘The Master’s Sun’. If your future role requires you to gain a lot of weight or take on an ugly appearance, would you do it?
I want to be an actor who is faithful to his assigned role. If it is a character that has to put on a lot of weight and look ugly, I would do some background work in order to immerse myself in that role.

Are you happy with the progress you are making in your career as an actor and singer?
There are different charms as an actor and a singer. It is good that I can show various looks by being both at the same time and I feel happy about it.

What do you think is your greatest achievement in 2013? Are there any regrets?
I have done various activities in 2013. Though it was hectic, I did not regret doing all of these as they were all good productions and songs.

Are you interested to try other genres – like comedy – or other roles – like antagonist – in dramas or maybe movies?
Definitely. Be it a comedy or an action flick, as long as it is a high quality production, I would not mind taking on the challenge.

How do you find inspiration for your music or acting?
On rest days at home, I watch many shows and listen to a variety of music genres as much as I can.

What was your childhood ambition? At what age did you realize that you wanted to be a singer? And why did you want to be a singer? Who was your idol?
I have dreamt of being a singer since childhood. I had this ambition after watching senior, Kim Jung Min, perform the song “Sad Promise” in the 90s.

How does it feel now that you have made it as a singer-actor, and you are slowly gaining international fans too?
I am very happy about it. I want to produce even better work and songs in return for their support. Besides that, I would like to hold an event soon to interact with all my fans.

What do you think makes you stand out among all K-pop artistes? Do you think starting off in a TV reality show has helped you stand out in anyway?
I guess I have the ability to show different sides of myself on TV. When I am singing, I do my best as Seo In Guk the singer; and when I am acting, I do my best as Seo In Guk the actor. I think it makes me stand out this way.

How many auditions did you take part in prior to ‘Superstar K’?
I worked on my dream for 3 years after coming to Seoul from Ulsan. Of course, I have taken part in many auditions. With all the challenges and eliminations, the determination to reach my goal grew even stronger.

What kind of artiste do you hope to be known for? (e.g. a singer who can write songs, or a singer-actor, host) What are your ambitions for your showbiz career? (e.g. win an award, be famous)
I want to be a diversified artiste - an actor with many different ‘colours’ and a singer who performs great songs at the same time. I want to be an artiste doing both fields together for a long time.

Share some of your upcoming projects with us.
I have been cast in the movie ‘Wild Dog’ (working title) and I am currently working and focusing hard for this role. I will give positive consideration if I come across any good productions or songs.

Where are your vocal inspirations from?
I will look for old hits and music from artists with a long history and listen to them. There is new music and lots of relaxing pieces and I get to learn a lot from them.

You are receiving a lot of attention as a multi-faceted entertainer. What do you think of this?
I fulfilled my dream of becoming a singer and I have set a new goal to challenge myself to take on new acting genres. I am grateful to my fans who supported me and followed my progress. I will continue to further pursue my career in both genres and will seek to establish myself as a multi-faceted entertainer.