Two New Posters for 'Six Flying Dragons' Revealed!

The official poster for upcoming period drama Six Flying Dragons has been unveiled! Set in the early Joseon Dynasty, the production depicts the stories of six ambitious and successful characters including Prince Lee Bang Won, who helped his father King Taejo establish the foundation of the generation.

Fans of Korean historical fiction or "sageuk", will be happy to see that this visual emotes just what is promised in the action-packed storyline. All six lead characters - Prince Lee Bang Won, King Taejo, the king's advisor Jung Do Joen, his bodyguard Bang Ji, Bang Ji's sister Boon Yi and the princely bodyguard Moo Hyul - are featured. And unlike many "sageuk" visuals, this one not only portrays the characters in various states of grittiness, but also highlights their personalities.

Adding to the intensity is the glossy black background against which their faces are juxtaposed - embossed along its length is a formidable-looking red dragon. It is a strong image that bodes well with the teaser videos released by SBS so far.

SBS has also released a poster depicting two of the main characters - the third king of the Joseon Dynasty Prince Lee Bang Won himself, as well as the politician Jung Do Joen.

The poster not only puts the spotlight on the highly anticipated Kim Myung Min and Yoo Ah In pairing, it also goes in-depth into the outlook of the two characters, who are based on real people who lived in the early Joseon Dynasty.

In the poster, Jung Do Joen played by Kim Myung Min, stands on the left with his back facing the front. He is inconspicuously dressed save for his traditional "satgat", which casts a shadow on part of his face. In contrast, Yoo Ah In, who plays the prince, places his face in the light to reveal an earnest expression. Dressed in a rather fancy embroidered outfit, Prince Lee Bang Won also flashes the glinting blade of his sword.

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