4 Dishes from 'Midnight Diner' that will Make Your Mouth Water

Korean dramas are generally a showcase of popular foods, but Midnight Diner – a series based on the 2006 manga series Shinya Shokudo - is something else.

It's about a restaurant – run by Kim Seung Woo's character the Master - that's open only from midnight to 7am. Because the restaurant operates at a time when human cravings tend to go on overdrive and the Master cooks whatever his customers ask for, we get to see all kinds of delicious food come out of his kitchen.

Here's what we wish we could get a taste of – some simple, some unusual, but all lovingly prepared by the kind, but mysterious Master:

  1. Ginseng chicken soup

    It's amazing how hearing the sound of someone slurping their soup can make you crave a steaming hot bowl immediately. The cravings are even greater when you find out the flavours of the intricately prepared dish can bring two souls together.

  2. Grilled rice cakes with seasoned seaweed

    It doesn't actually look appetising to us, but anything that makes resident "uncle" Mr Kim say, "I would've been so upset if I died without trying it first!" should probably be given a shot.

  3. Steamed spare ribs and kimchi

    Yoo Mi can make anything look delicious, but it was when she busted out the technique of eating steamed spare ribs wrapped in spicy kimchi that we felt it the most. Our heart yearned for it so much you could almost hear our own ribs cracking.

  4. Short neck clam soup

    Just looking at this dish makes us salivate over the rich umami taste that's sure to be in every mouthful! Can you imagine digging in to this on a rainy night, warming your hands with the heat from the pot? We're sure it gave much comfort to Ji Jin Hee's character too, down-and-out though he may have felt when first eating this.