4 Reasons Midnight Diner is The Perfect Drama to Watch This Holiday Season

Have you been tuning in to the new drama Midnight Diner? You should, especially now that it's Christmastime and you're probably craving some warm-and-fuzzies. Here's why:

  1. Oh, the glorious food!

    You'll be seeing an incredible variety of food coming out of the kitchen for two reasons. One – the Midnight Diner is open from midnight until 7am the next day, which you know is when your cravings can get a little bizarre. Two – there's no menu at the diner. The owner, who's mysteriously only known as the Master, makes anything you want and you can even bring your own ingredients. Expect to see (and wish you could try) dishes like oyster sauce mayo ramen and spicy whelk noodles.

  2. There's lots of love to go around

    Operating at such odd hours means the Midnight Diner mostly services regulars. And because they eat and drink together most nights of the week, you can imagine the camaraderie, which on its own is heart-warming. Even when new customers come along every once in awhile and things get hot in the kitchen (some of them can be real troublemakers!), everything works out in the end.

  3. Master the Santa Claus

    In some ways, Midnight Diner is worth watching at Christmas just for the main character, the simply named Master. Played by veteran actor Kim Seung Woo, he's a kind and generous man, though a little mysterious. He does things like charge a broke student a mere 1,000 won for a massive meal and cook two-for-one combos for single parents who come in with their kids. He also keeps a look-out for his customers, pouring water into their beer if they've drunk too much and keeping the shop open in the day (even though he must be tired) so regulars can come in for a chat or watch something on TV.

  4. All those lessons

    This time of the year is mostly about celebrations, but it can also be about reflection. Midnight Diner's great for that. Unlike most dramas, every episode tells a different story about a different person – some get into trouble with the law, some need a boost at work and yet others, are learning to compromise with their family or significant other.

Unwrap a gingerbread man and get comfortable – Midnight Diner is showing every Tue to Fri 7.40pm / 6.40pm (JKT) on ONE.