5 Hallyu Stars With Impossibly Charming Eyes

Dewy skin, swishy hair and being able to move to an imaginary beat are all legitimate reasons for falling in love with and making a Korean celebrity your “bias”. But if all that got covered up (or you know, aged like most things do), would you still feel the same? We reckon you could with these folks – all they need is to look your way and you’d melt like a bingsu in the sun.

  1. Sung Joon

    He may be relatively low-profile, but the 26-year-old already has quite a filmography including dramas like Hyde Jekyll, Me and Lie to Me in which we’ve seen him use his kind-looking eyes to full benefit. He’s also got a slightly crooked smile that sends butterflies to your stomach.
  2. Joo Sang Wook

    Remember what we said about eyes being the kind of beauty unlikely to be touched by age? At 38, the Birth of a Beauty actor is the oldest entry on our list, but every glance and every stare from him can still make a girl swoon.
  3. Lee Min Jung

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    New mum Lee Min Jung has the kind of eyes you can get seriously lost in. She must find it hard to have a conversation with anyone since the moment she locks eyes with them, their hearing goes out the window.
  4. Park Min Young

    Talking about doe-eyed girls, here’s another. In practically all the dramas she’s starred in, the 30-year-old plays a tough gal who – with a single snap of the finger – can turn her ‘Puss in Boots’ mode on with her eyes. The City Hunter (Lee Min Ho) fell for it and so does psychological genius Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) in Remember.
  5. Yoo Seung Ho

    If you don’t already know, Seo Jin Woo is played by former child actor Yoo Seung Ho in his first drama since serving the military. Park Min Young is his love interest in Remember, but the drama’s more thrill than romance, which gives Yoo Seung Ho plenty of opportunities to flash his dark, smouldering eyes.