6 Reasons to Look Forward to 'Please Come Back, Mister'

Love entanglements and second chances at life – if these are not enough reasons for you to tune into Please Come Back, Mister, we have 6 more reasons for you to check it out!

  1. Eye candy galore!

    What do Rain, Lee Min Jung, Oh Yeon Seo, Honey Lee and Yoon Bak have in common? They are all set to come together in Please Come Back, Mister! With this much pretty to grace your screen, how could you not possibly look forward to the show every week?
  2. Korean spin on Asada Jiro’s Mr Tsubakiyama’s Seven Days

    Unlike the original novel where the overworked protagonist dies and returns to the world as a beautiful thirty-year-old woman, the Korean adaptation will see the main character, played by Kim In Kwon, possessing the body of a thirty-something flower boy, played by Rain. He won’t be alone, however. Oh Yeon Seo is also set to play a woman possessed by the spirit of another ahjusshi, played by Kim So Roo. Imagine that!
  3. Strong production team

    Please Come Back, Mister is in good hands with PD Shin Yoon Sub and writer Noh Hye Young at the helm of the story! PD Shin was the same producer who brought us Rooftop Prince while writer Noh was one of the writers for the blockbuster hit, 200 Pounds Beauty. Balancing comedy with a touch of heart, the success of these two shows promises much for Please Come Back, Mister.
  4. Ahjusshi spirits and body-swapping hijinks

    If the second teaser is anything to go by, we can expect lots of body-swapping hijinks and shenanigans as the ahjusshi spirits struggle with their newfound identities and bodies. Get ready for lots of laughter and side-splitting situations!
  5. Comebacks, comebacks, comebacks

    Fans of Rain and Lee Min Jung can rejoice as these two gorgeous stars will be making their much-anticipated return to Korean dramaland! Lee Min Jung, who has been on a two-year hiatus, will be playing the character of Shin Da Hye, a beautiful but bereaved housewife. Rain, who has been busy promoting in the Chinese market, last appeared in My Lovely Girl in 2014. Are you as excited as us?
  6. R.A.I.N

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    If it wasn’t already obvious earlier, Rain is in every reason for why you should look forward to Please Come Back, Mister! Very few Hallyu stars can claim to have as widespread success as him in both music and acting and his charm knows no boundaries. Finally, we can look forward to weekly doses of all that suave and talent delivered nicely onto our screens.