5 Korean Celebrities Who Will Make You Hungry

Chef-turned-celebrities have been all the rage in South Korea recently. Celebrity chef Baek Jong Won leads the cooking frenzy with a string of hit shows, including The Nation's Big Three in which he scouts for top chefs with the best recipes for Korean cuisine staples. While these chefs continue to heat up our television screens, do you know which Korean celebrities can also whet your appetite both on-screen and off-screen? Check out some of them here!

  1. Miss A's Fei

    real missA —fei fei Dessert

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    Miss A's Fei has made a reputation for herself as one of the best idol cooks, impressing even trained chefs with her deft knife skills. She credits her mother for polishing her culinary skills and has named pork ribs as the best dish she would use to impress others!

  2. Super Junior-M's Henry

    would it be okay if i cooked for u? what do u want to eat?

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    You can add cooking to Henry's long list of talents! Picking up his culinary skills while preparing for his role as an aspiring chef in a film, Henry has shown off his prowess in the kitchen in several variety shows. Yes, Henry, you can cook for us anytime!

  3. 2PM's Taecyeon

    Taecyeon is more than just your typical eye candy. He has no qualms whipping up dishes for you from scratch! From kimchi fried rice to spicy fish soup, you may find yourself drooling over his menu in more ways than one!

  4. Park Shin Hye

    Park Shin Hye is the kind of girl you would love to bring home to your mother. She is gorgeous, talented and to top it all, her cooking skills are impressive. Ladies, start sharpening your claws…We mean, knives!

  5. Yoo Ah In

    Yes, our fictional Lee Bang Won can not only serve up justice in Six Flying Dragons but also some yummy Korean dishes too! In an interview, he once confidently declared that he could cook anything. Running Man fans would also recall Yoo Ah In leading his team to victory in a final cooking face-off, with a whopping 70 per cent of the vote!