5 male Korean stars who could easily pass off as girls

In the world of K-entertainment, these artistes are known as flower boys – an apt name since they can be prettier than even other female celebrities! Read on to see who makes the list of our 5 favourite flower boys here!

Jang Geun Suk

Bright, plump eyes, a dainty cupid's bow and a knack for tilting the face so that it catches the evening light – each of these qualities is on every woman's self-improvement wishlist and he's got them all in one porcelain-skinned package.

Lee Minho

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You probably won't ever catch the City Hunter star dressing up as a girl, but he doesn't need to – those dimples are to die for. In fact, we're sure there are plastic surgeons in South Korea that specialise in fixing them on girls who want them – and there are probably many!

Lee Seung Gi

We would never let that megawatt smile come near our boyfriends because we're afraid they might change their mind about us – that's how disturbingly pretty Seung Gi is.


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He can pull off any outfit, hair colour or piece of jewellery. And he's the apple of fellow Big Bang member Top's eye. Jealous yet?

The first of these to shed his flower boy image for a TV role is Jang Geun Suk. Find out how he 'mans up' in Jackpot!