6 Times Jang Geun Suk Was Too Hot to Handle

He may have proclaimed himself the Asia Prince, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve the title. When it comes to "exploding ovaries everywhere" as fans often describe, the 28-year-old actor and Jackpot star performs royally. Here are some of his most jaw-dropping moments.

When he was Count Dracula for Halloween

Eels (that's what his fans are called) know Geun Suk's a big fan of the holiday. We've seen him turn into a pumpkin and even Peter Pan, but our favourite costume of his has got to be Count Dracula himself, staring at us through the mirror.

When he missed a grooming session

No, you don't need a shave, Geun Suk. Because You're Beautiful.

When he was just ‘chilling' in Harbin, China

A photo posted by APJ_JKS (@apj_jks) on

Topless on a bed with one hand touching his face – we could stare at this all day!

When he was Hwang Tae Kyung

We can't decide which is hotter - when the moody musician he plays in You're Beautiful is smiling or when he's angry. Actually, we think he looks sizzling when he's thinking (though he also is when he's sleeping). Okay, we'll stop now.

When he was like, 10?

Look at that shirt-and-tee combo, lop-sided snapback and impressive, but unassuming ride. What a hunk.

Everytime he announces a new drama

His hair takes on a different colour and his voice changes its tune, but however Geun Suk transforms for his new role, he always looks unbelievably flawless.