6 ways Kang Ha Neul will set your heart aflutter

Well-known for his bunny teeth and adorable smile, actor Kang Ha Neul is one of those stars you'd be hard-pressed to find a reason to dislike. While looking forward to his meet-and-greet session occurring later this month in Singapore, let us count the ways he makes our faces blush scarlet and our hearts race oh-so-fast!

1. He is the epitome of adorkable…

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Imitating goofy cartoon expressions is a skill Kang Ha Neul has perfected – you'd only need to look at the image above for evidence of that! His dorky nature is also clear from his variety appearances; his guest appearances on Running Man (first in 2014 and once more in 2015) have established him as one of the most heodang (bumbling and easily confused) stars around.

Kang Ha Neul in a guest appearance on ‘Running Man' back in 2014

2. But when he puts the smolder on, he's unstoppable.

Unfff- That's us biting our lips in frustration at how someone could possibly look that good rocking a suit and a smoldering gaze. Though his usual expressions tend to be more smiley, we reckon Kang Ha Neul would also be more than adequate for a villainous role!

3. He's a promising, up-and-coming actor with talent in spades!

Prior to Scarlet Heart, Kang Ha Neul was known for his scene-stealing stint as the over-achieving student body president Lee Hyo Shin in The Inheritors, as well as for his hilarious lead role in the movie Twenty, for which he clinched several Best New Actor awards. While his role in Scarlet Heart as 8th Prince Wang Wook may be considered as one of his biggest roles to date, just give it a few years – we're sure this actor has got so much more to give yet.

4. He's also a talented singer.

Kang Ha Neul made his debut in musical theatre in 2006, so it comes as no surprise that he also has an incredible voice. Judging by the screams of fangirls in the audience, we're not the only ones impressed by his LIVE performance here!

5. He has the most infectious laughter – it's guaranteed to make you smile too!

He's always got a smile ready, but Kang Ha Neul is also not one to hold back when he laughs! We're talking no-holds-barred, stomach-clutching laughter here – you only have to watch the clip above to see an example!

6. He looks absolutely amazing in period costume.

You wouldn't catch us complaining about Kang Ha Neul existing in this day and age for us to fawn over, but the stills of him from Scarlet Heart are proving beyond a doubt that he would look just as great if he had been born a few centuries ago.