7 cutest behind-the-scenes peeks from 'Scarlet Heart'

Scarlet Heart, which as you probably know is based on the Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin, is wrought with action, drama, passion and tragedy. But with a cast comprising the likes of Lee Ji Eun (IU), Lee Joon Ki and Ji Soo, there's bound to be some fun and aegyo in between takes. Check out some of the behind-the-scenes moments fans are giggling over while we wait eagerly for the show to begin!

"Ommo! It's just like a mirror"

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Trust IU (who plays Hae Soo, apparently every prince's dream woman) to know exactly how to introduce the main Goryeo ladies in Scarlet Heart – with a "selca" pose, of course! "Virtuous" is what she calls Hwangbo Yeon Hwa and Chae Ryung, played by Kang Han Na and Jin Ki Joo respectively. They do look rather like maidens seeing a tech gadget for the first time, don't you think?

"Something in this photo is not like the rest…"

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Z Hera, Yoon Sun Woo and Ji Soo's costumes are on point, but we're quite sure they didn't have motor vehicles in the Goryeo era – especially not a truck!

"I look so good, I can't stand it"

We don't know if Scarlet Heart's male lead is gazing fondly at the standee his fans gave him because he appreciates it so much or because he's admiring the chiseled magnificence of his caricatured face. We don't blame him if it's the latter – that's one fine piece of art!

"Early bird catches the camera"

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Jin Ki Joo shows us there are several advantages to being early for an appointment. You get to spend more time with hotties like Kang Han Na and you get to take a "selca" in the flattering morning light. Don't you love how cute the pair of them look together?

"Is it me or is it hot in here?"

Sporting a smoldering look as he channels his on-screen persona of the 4th Prince, Lee Joon Ki shows off just how worthy of admiration his exquisite jawline is.

"Goryeo, meet Joseon"

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How adorable – is this Ji Soo asking his Six Flying Dragons hyung Yoo Ah In for method acting tips? We're loving their so-similar-it's-cute smiles here!

"See, I respect my elders"

It seems it's not just the main cast that have a close relationship with each other, as Lee Joon Ki demonstrates in this cute image. Here, he is shown tying the laces on his sunbae's shoes. But wait – are those white sneakers under the king's robes?