7 Reasons to be Totally Hyped for GOT7's Concert

The seven incredibly talented boys of GOT7 will be coming to Singapore for their 'Fly in Singapore' concert, and here's why you should be excited for it!

  1. They transform into pretty girls
    Who knew GOT7 could look so good in skirts and wigs? You might just see them cross-dress while covering girl group dances again for their concert here!

    GOT7 covering Red Velvet's 'Dumb Dumb' at 'Fly in Shanghai'.
  2. They're always looking after their fans
    The boys are always so sweet and thoughtful, even worrying about whether the fans sitting at the back will be able to see the stage. They're always so excited when meeting their IGOT7, exactly as they were when they first debuted! If you're at a GOT7 concert, you can be sure that they will shower you with the utmost attention!
  3. Cute interactions galore
    The boys have really close relationships with each other – they're practically family! Even in front of the cameras, they aren't afraid to be their crazy selves. It's impossible to watch them goof around on stage and not smile! However, what we're looking forward to most is of course to see our OTP (one true pairing) ships sail. 2Jae or Markson, anyone?

    The GOT7 family is so close with each other!
  4. The official light stick
    GOT7 recently revealed their (adorable) official light sticks! Imagine a "green ocean" during the concert – wouldn't that be amazing?

    Bonus: Check out this video in which GOT7 shows you ways you can use the light stick out of the concert hall!

  5. Their sharp-as-knives choreography and exhilarating acrobatics
    GOT7's secret weapon is incorporating martial arts tricking into their performances. Combined with their slick dance routines, it'll be a concert you definitely don't want to miss!

  6. Hearing all your favorite songs LIVE!
    Prepare to sing (or scream) your lungs out to their hottest and catchiest bops like "Fly", "If You Do" and "A"! Don't forget to learn the fanchants – hearing fanchants echo throughout a concert hall is one of the best concert experiences ever!

    We have their songs on repeat everyday now in preparation for the concert!
  7. What language barrier?
    We all know the pain of being an international fan and not being able to understand what oppa is saying, but when you have Mark and Jackson, who needs a translator anyway? They can speak both English and Mandarin! Furthermore, Youngjae, who is known for parroting whatever Jackson says in 'Engrish', will definitely make your concert experience a hilarious one!