GOT7 pulls out all the stops for a spectacular show in Singapore!

Boyband GOT7 returned to Singapore for the fourth time on 24 June for their first-ever solo concert in the country, which also marked the last stop of their "FLY" concert tour in Asia.

The boys pulled out all the stops for the almost 4,500-strong crowd of ahgase (GOT7's affectionate label for their fans) and performed almost 30 songs throughout the 3-hour long concert.

We're gonna fly!

From their debut song to hits from their newest album, GOT7 certainly did not disappoint as they captivated fans' hearts with their charismatic dance moves, smooth vocals and fierce raps. GOT7 fans weren't lacking in their enthusiasm either, as they sang and waved their light sticks along to all the songs, bringing smiles to the members' faces.

The members also showed off their individual talents in special stages during the concert. JB and Youngjae awed the audience with their soaring vocals in the song '1.31 AM'; Mark and Junior had fans bopping along to 'Higher'; and Jackson, Bambam and Yugyeom took the stage by storm with 'WOLO'.

"Are we pretty? Are we cute? Are we sexy?"

Aside from performing their own songs, GOT7 also delighted fans with their versions of popular girl group hits! Flouncing onto the stage donned in flowing wigs and dressed in frilly pink dresses (or red dresses in the case of the 'Red Velvet' team), the boys sang and danced to their hearts' content, seemingly without any ounce of embarrassment. Judging by the screams from the crowds, this was probably everybody's favourite segment of the night!

Aside from the delightful performances, the members – especially the two resident troublemakers Jackson and Bambam – also kept the crowd entertained with their antics! The members' friendly banter made the entire venue explode with laughter as they compared each other's legs to those of an elephant and chicken and fought over whose legs looked the best in their dresses. Even the poor translator was at the mercy of Jackson's teasing – he cheekily asked her if she was okay as she stumbled over her words mid-translation.

A very special encore

This might have been the first time the audience had to work for an encore! GOT7 played a unique roulette game in which they picked out someone in the crowd who would have to dance one of their songs in exchange for them to go on stage again. As expected, the fans who were "noticed by oppa" did exceptionally well, and GOT7 took to the stage again for a glorious encore.

The boys had also prepared another special surprise just for their fans in Singapore: they performed a special rendition of Mandopop artist JJ Lin's ballad 'If Only' – in Chinese!

As the concert came to a close, the members also promised their fans that they would return to Singapore again. Bambam garnered a collective "aww" from the crowd as well when he said that he'd like to have a vacation in Singapore with his family, while Mark cheekily quipped, "If you miss us, you can always go for our hologram concert!" amidst the disappointed groans of their fans. We all know that we'd rather have the real thing!