7 Things that Make Achiara the Scariest Village on TV

It is a dark and stormy night. Your bus stalls and you suddenly realise that you are stranded in a small village called Achiara. If you have been watching The Village, you would know that this is the last village you would want to be caught alone at night!

For the uninitiated, here are some reasons why Achiara is currently the scariest village on Dramaland:

  1. Disappearing Residents and Dead Bodies

    A town resident disappeared under mysterious circumstances. A dead body is found in a forest. Han So Yoon, played by Moon Geun Young, unearths more than she would desire upon her arrival at Achiara.

  2. Dark and Brooding Atmosphere

    For sure, this 'small and peaceful' village is not what it seems. The dark and brooding atmosphere hints at secrets the residents struggle to keep hidden.

  3. Vengeful Ghost

    As if dead bodies are not bad enough, the vengeful ghost of Kim Hye Jin, played by Jang Hee Jin, makes an occasional appearance to scare the hibbie jibbies out of the residents!

  4. Suspicious Neighbours

    Secret glances and unreadable expressions - it seems that everyone has a secret to hide and no one can be trusted in Achiara.

  5. Scandalous Secrets

    Normal relationships are a rarity in this village. In its place are stolen kisses, hidden affairs and crazy catfights – they do say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

  6. Slippery Politicians

    Seo Chang Won, played by Jeong Seong Mo, is undoubtedly the most important man in the village. Yet, he is far more interest in his personal gains than in solving the town's mystery. Does he have the most to hide?

  7. Mean Girls

    Even school does not provide sanctuary for the youngsters. Ga Young, played by Lee Yeol Eum, has no qualms about pushing schoolmates down the stairs and stirring trouble for her juniors. What is the deal with this small town mean girl?