The Village's second teaser video is as spooky as the first

The Village is setting up to be quite the goodie for fans of horror and mystery. Coming soon on the region's top Korean TV channel ONE, the 16-episode production has released another teaser video just as eerie as the first.

The Village follows the life of Han So Yoon, a young woman who moves in to a seemingly peaceful village to teach English, but ends up finding a long buried dead body on her first day of work. Together with police officer Woo Jae, So Yoon goes on a hunt for the truth and ends up discovering the village's disturbing secrets, as well as some of her own.

The 20-second video opens by introducing the meaning of the town's name - Achiara or "small pond". Then, amid dramatic moments such as a chair crashing through a window, a child being kidnapped and a woman shrieking in the streets, fans get a glimpse of the other main characters played by Yook Sung Jae, Shin Eun Kyung, On Joo Wan and Jang Hee Jin. It closes with lead actor Moon Geun Young - who plays English language teacher So Yoon - saying, "Achiara. I think someone called me here."

This teaser speaks much less than the first, which hinted at a link between So Yoon and the village's past, but the void in detail makes way for some delicious mystery that fans are bound to enjoy!