Bang Min Ah Biography

Born: Bang Min Ah
Profession: Idol singer and actress
Birth Date: 13 May 1993 (Aquarius) at Incheon, South Korea
Vital Stats: 46kg (Weight), 165cm (Height), O (Blood Type)
Talent Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment

We all know Minah as a member of girl group Girl's Day, but during the past few years, her solo activities and acting career have sent her popularity skyrocketing!

Minah debuted as the main vocal and visual of Girl's Day in 2010, and garnered loads of recognition for her powerful voice. Funnily enough, her uncanny resemblance to Big Bang's G-Dragon is also getting her lots of attention.

Her acting debut was in 2011, when she made a cameo in a cable television drama. This was followed by other cameo roles before she landed her first lead role, as Gong Shim from the drama Pretty Ugly. She has also lent her soulful voice to many drama OSTs, including the single she released for Pretty Ugly.

Aside from being a powerful singer and an up-and-coming actress, her other skills include playing the piano, dancing, and most importantly – doing aegyo! Combined with her cavity-inducing eye smile, she's really the complete package for a girl group idol!

Don't be fooled by her sweet looks though – Minah is also known for her unabashed disregard of her idol image. She's an absolute hoot on variety shows, always ready to show off her most unflattering facial expressions and impersonations. She is most well-known for her "kkab" dance, where she dances with overly exaggerated movements, putting her almost on par with the original "kkab" king, 2AM's Jo Kwon!

With her outgoing and lively personality as seen on variety shows, it should be no surprise that the singer-actress is also a social media darling. She updates her Instagram (@bbang_93) regularly with adorable selcas of herself and her friends, photos with ridiculous filters and of course, the occasional glamorous shot.

Despite her tomboyish behavior, Minah is still a lady after all. Her role models are Beyoncé and Lee Hyo Ri, both of whom are prominent female icons, and forces to be reckoned with in the music industry. She has also stated that her ideal type is a man who listens and has sense (Take note, boys!).