ONE Exclusive Interview - Lee Dong Wook

'Scent of a Woman' is the first drama series you acted in after completing military service and it has done well. Can you share how you feel about the show?
First of all, I would like to say hello. Hi everyone! I am thankful that Scent of A Woman enjoyed a favourable response from viewers. After I left military service, I did feel some stress in restarting my career successfully. I greatly appreciate the support from my fans' even though I was out of the entertainment industry for two years and that has not been a short duration. During production, I was really worried and my thoughts were, "Will I do well?", "Will I adapt well?", "What if I inconvenience my co-actors and actresses?". However, with the help of the production crew and the co-stars, I was able to adapt well to the production. As I joined the shoot late, there was a fair bit of late night shoots and the schedule was quite tight, but everyone enjoyed working on Scent of A Woman.

How do you feel working with Ms Kim Sun-A?
Kim Sun-A is always considerate towards her co-actors and actresses. With constant communication with her, Kim Sun-A and I managed to strike up good chemistry between us. I am grateful and have been impressed with her as she always puts in efforts to make her fellow lead look the best.
In 'Scent of a Woman', Yeon Jae is older than Ji Wook, what do you think about such a relationship?
I have a lot of experience working with actors and actresses who are more senior than I am, so I have no prejudice against an older partner. I believe in a relationship, the most important is the heart.
A notable scene in Scent of A Woman is of Kim Sun-A and you were dancing tango, have you learned tango before?
No, I had never danced tango before and I practiced for a month before the shoot.
During your training in tango, were there any amusing incidents?
On TV, the dance scenes looked very romantic and sexy but in reality, my brain was busy thinking of the next move and my feet were busy coordinating the dance. It was not easy to remember the moves and at the same time work well with my partner.
You sang and dance in Scent of A Woman, do you enjoy singing and dancing?
Personally, I do not really enjoy singing and dancing, and I am not good at either as well.
There was a beer drinking competition scene in 'Scent of a Woman', how much did you drink? Do you drink much outside of work?
We did not drink alcohol during the production. For that scene, I drank tea which looked like beer. Personally, I do not drink much, just enough to enjoy the company.
Scent of A Woman has touched many of your audiences, do you have any comments on this?
I believe the touching story of the terminally ill Yeon Jae being loved unconditionally by Ji Wook drew viewers to Scent of A Woman. Such a plight could befall anyone, so I think viewers could relate to our show. I like many of the romantic scenes in Scent of A Woman. For example, when the Yeon Jae and Ji Wook find out they feel the same in front of Ji Wook's house and hug; the kissing scene in the tent and on the bike in Wando; and when Ji Wook tries to convince Yeon-Jae not to break up with him in front of her house – those were the most memorable scenes for me.

Do you have any plans to venture beyond Korea?
I do not have specific plans yet but would like to try acting in various genres of dramas.
How would you spend time with your girlfriend if she had only six months to live? And what if you had six months left?
IIf this happened in real life, I would try to make my girlfriend happy. Even though she is physically sick, I would do my best to make her feel emotionally happy during the final part of her life journey. And if it was I who had six months to live, I will be doing my best to repay people who have helped me, getting what I want, travelling, as well as spending time with my loved ones, and enjoying my final days just like Yeon Jae.