'The Gang Doctor' Gets Two Extra Episodes

Fantastic news for fans of The Gang Doctor! The highly-rated TV series on ONE will be adding two more episodes to its run, making it a total of 18 episodes!

Since debuting in August this year, The Gang Doctor has been recording a steady increase in viewership ratings, eventually hitting an impressive 20 per cent by its sixth episode. It has also consistently topped other shows in its Wednesday-Thursday slot on SBS. The Gang Doctor is also the all-time highest rated prime time TV series on ONE in 2015!

The Gang Doctor is musical star Joo Won’s first ever SBS drama, where he plays the obnoxious, but brilliant hospital surgeon Kim Tae Hyun, who often takes on criminals as patients on the side in order to support his sister, who is ill.

One day, Tae Hyun is dragged to the 12th floor of the hospital where he works - this is where he comes across beautiful heiress Han Yeo Jin, played by top actress Kim Tae Hee. Tae Hyun "rescues" the Sleeping Beauty, who has been in a coma the past three years due to a conspiracy.